Jenny's bio

Let's get more kids on bikes! Hi, I'm Jenny. My family and I are avid cyclists and adventurers. I am a wife to my favorite bike mechanic and mom to 3 girls in the Boulder area, and we love where we live! We need more kids on bikes! Colorado has many sunny days, it's no wonder it's a cyclist's haven. BUT - a lot of kiddos could start biking sooner than they currently do. I want to connect our community via bikes, as it provides families an activity they can do together, helps build character, it alleviates car traffic around schools, and the list goes on....

I founded the Moms Club of Erie and Lafayette. Being a transplant to Colorado from Texas I saw a need to connect families in the area. I also belong to a women's cycling team in Boulder and am a mentor for a national non-profit girls' mountain bike program.

I mountain bike, road bike, gravel bike, and race cyclocross. My first priority is always my family, but I love getting in the saddle when I can. Cycling has become a family sport for us, as it's something we can enjoy together without much effort or planning involved.

Studies show psychological benefits of spending time in nature and outdoors, and that's what I love most about the bike - you can pedal and see so much, all the while decompressing and refreshing your mindset! For kids, that window of time might be biking to/from school or to a local restaurant with your family or just to a friend's house - the freedom of being able to get place to place on your own is empowering and builds confidence! Outdoor adventure also teaches kids about risks and how to regulate the emotions they experience during these activities. My goal for our camps is to help the future generation feel empowered through the sport while getting outside.